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Posessions’ brand DNA is woven around efficacy and results. Being able to deliver real results takes understanding of customer’s skin condition, its physiological needs and selecting the right combination of active ingredients to holistically address those needs. The range works within an integrated system that safe for the skin and respects the skin’s biological function. All Possession’s products are carefully developed to ensure that the product’s active ingredients are dosed to deliver its full functional results. In short, Possession doesn’t skimp on active ingredients just to fulfil a nominal marketing claim. Instead, each active ingredient is matched to the skin’s needs and is carefully studied and combined with dosage levels which have been clinically tested and proven. Delivering results is Possession’s No. 1 Priority and their vision is to empower women to possess their right to be beautiful.


Possession is a home grown brand, developed by Teh Sze Sian, a graduate of Bio-Technology who first spent 7 years specialising as a chemist in the food industry before progressing into the personal care industry. While working with skin care and personal active ingredients, Sze Sian discovered her passion for developing skin care formulations that offer healthy solutions for the skin. The 2 years in personal care exposed Sze Sian to a plethora of advanced active ingredients which she could “play” and formulate skin care products. She loved the aspect of being able to create products which could visibly help improve the condition of people’s skin problems. From cases like eczema, and her favourite skin concern, skin hydration, to balancing skin conditions, she delved into selecting and testing the best active ingredients to create formulations that she would test on herself first. She had not considered creating a product for commercial use until she met some friends who had sensitive skin. This need gave her a goal to develop a sample to soothe sensitive skin. Her friends tried the sample and it worked! This was the turning point where she seriously considered developing a brand that would make a difference in people’s lives. And this how Possession was born.

Our vision is for every women to possess their beauty...

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