Transparent, Moist, Supple skin - the appearance synonymous with youth.


Transparent, Moist, Supple skin - the appearance synonymous with youth.

Why is this so sought after? Youthful skin is skin that radiates a healthy glow. It is a look that’s highly sought after by everyone, at any age and any lifestyle. Glowing skin will always be in trend and, it has and will continue to hold a timeless appeal to all. Not withstanding the cycles of beauty trends, clear, transparent looking skin will always be desirable and associated with youth.

POSSESSION empowers ladies of all ages with this ability to build their foundation of foundation of youth with the Hydrabright+ range. This range promises a two-in- one function, ie. To boost skin hydration and brightness with two simple steps. First, the serum and next a Gel Cream.

The results: Smooth, taut, transparent glass-like finish that enables light to illuminate and reflect a glow. Within 2 weeks!


RADIANT BEAUTY : Creates clear, transparent skin that allows light to be reflected from within the skin, giving skin its glowing, radiant effect.
Creates a similar effect to the Korean rave : GLASS SKIN.

NATURAL BEAUTY : Promotes natural, healthy skin functions ie. balances and improves skin moisture.
SAFE SOLUTION : Gentle –non-invasive method of lightening that brightens from inside out, resulting in a radiant and glass-like looking skin.
LONG TERM HYDRATION : Promotes skin’s natural moisturising capabilities at the deeper layers of the skin.
SURFACE HYDRATION : Hyaluronic acid immediate re-hydrates he skin and smoothens out fine lines.
YOUTHFUL LOOKING SKIN : Prevents pre-mature aging, by nourishing the skin with anti-oxidant and healthy moisture

The Hydrabright+ Serum is a fast-absorbing and intensely hydrating serum with dual functions that infuses and locks in moisture. It boosts skin’s natural radiance and promotes a youthful looking complexion. Because of its aqueous form, it is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, bringing it’s transformative benefits where it matters –the cellular level.

The HydraBright+ Gel Cream recharges skin’s glow with its refreshing, lightweight texture by replenishing skin with moisture and boosts natural skin radiance.

It helps you repossess a healthy, well hydrated skin that looks dewy and refined – sealing in moisture throughout the day. It boosts the skin’s Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF), and helps skin to retain long-lasting moisture. Dehydrated skin is quenched, refined, smoothened. Radiance is re-awakened.

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